Saturday, 25 October 2014

Mea Culpa

One of the many highlights of today was to welcome the Team 2015 Battle Bus, bringing 70 activists from London to assist Kelly's campaign. Their commitment, energy and enthusiasm was amazing and I look forward to their next visit.

It was also an honour to welcome Party Chairman Grant Shapps MP with Stephen Hammond MP (Wimbledon) as well as National Vice President Steve Bell, who all arrived with the bus.

Having arranged everyone for the team photo it was suggested that Steve Bell and I join the group. "Where should the ugly duo stand?" asked Steve. "I think the uglies should stand at this end," I said - slotting in at the end of the second row with Steve alongside me.  I was, of course, replying to Steve's comment and what I said was meant to be self deprecating. Unfortunately, the far from ugly lady standing next to me had only heard my part of the conversation and understandably took umbrage. "Charming", she said, bristling with anger. Stupidly I tried to explain, but as hard as I tried the worse I made it, and the more I blushed and stumbled. The situation was not helped by Bell muttering "you've done it now" under his breath, obviously delighting in my predicament.

Having enjoyed a bit of fun at the expense of a colleague last night, I suspect this is karma. However, in the hope that the lady with long auburn hair who I inadvertently offended is reading this blog, I thought I should at least try to explain. And apologise.

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